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Creating compelling TV channel promos often begins with finding captivating images and then bringing them to life through additional design and animation. One memorable project was the Stand for the Arts campaign for Women's History Month on Ovation TV, America's Premier Arts Network. Ovation TV is renowned for its dedication to the arts, culture, and engaging entertainment, offering a lineup that includes acclaimed dramas, documentaries, and iconic films. The Stand for the Arts initiative, part of Ovation's advocacy platform, celebrates the positive impact of art and encourages action to support the arts. For Women's History Month, Ovation TV showcased women artists and their work through special programming, highlighting their contributions to various artistic mediums. The promo was broadcasted during week-day morning linear programming and featured curated on-demand lineups, engaging viewers with stories of visionary women in the arts. This initiative not only honored the legacy of women in the arts but also underscored Ovation TV's commitment to promoting diverse voices and perspectives in the artistic world.


Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, honoring Hispanic culture's vibrant essence. Through compelling storytelling and visually stunning imagery, promotions like the "Viva la Cultura" campaign highlight the contributions of Hispanic artists and promote cultural understanding and inclusivity in media.


Throughout February, Ovation celebrates Black voices, music icons, empowering storytelling, and more, available on the Ovation NOW app, for Black History Month. The network's commitment to cultural diversity will be highlighted through profiles and interviews featuring renowned artists.

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