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Motion Graphics

Creating Motion Graphics for Ovation Television Network, brought me tremendous joy.  From research to designing and animating, the blend of creativity and precision continues to excite, captivate viewers, and elevate the brand.

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Lower Thirds • Bugs • Promos

Artboard 16x9_exp_16.png



The gifs provide a basic representation of the ideas.

The task:  Come up with a new Motion System that allows a 3D product to transition into Live Action Footage.

The problem:  Footage varies not only with products, but the positioning of the camera and movements, which will alvary from take to take.  The transition will need to work with any device, including the Stand, the T2, the X2, & the iPad, as well as any new product inventions.  Additionally, the transition needs to work in other formats such as 9x16 and 16x9.

The solution: Can you guess which one was chosen?   



When I as invited to join an anti-bullying PSA, I didn't hesitate.  The story we wanted to tell was clear: bullying affects everyone, regardless of who they are.  To bring this message to life, I crafted graphics with distinct personalities.  They were designed to be scared, playful, and child-like, aiming to evoke deep emotions and spark the viewer's imagination.