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Having had the privilege of creating captivating images for JOURNY, Roku, Ovation Now, and other entertainment apps affiliated with the renowned television network, Ovation, each crafted image involved meticulous selection of resources, including images, backgrounds, and effects, to effectively convey the intended story and captivate viewers' attention. 




Crafting compelling social media images for 'The Hour,' 'Murdoch Mysteries,' and 'The Fall,' to name a few, presented a unique set of challenges. With the need to showcase multiple scenes and characters from each series, while adhering to the constraints of various social media platforms, carefully balancing visual storytelling with practical limitations was at the forefront of each design. Each image required strategic placement of text and imagery to ensure visibility and impact on both mobile devices and larger screens. Additionally, I had to consider the diverse themes and tones of each series, ensuring that the images captured the essence of 'The Hour's' historical drama, 'Murdoch Mysteries' innovative detective work, and 'The Fall's' intense crime narrative. Despite these challenges, my approach focused on creating visually striking and informative images that resonated with viewers and effectively promoted these acclaimed series on social media platforms.


Who Doesn't Love

Frankie Drake Mysteries?

FRANKIE_MUSIC AT MIDNIGHT_title_1920x1080.jpg

Working with Frankie Drake images was a dreamy pleasure; at times, I forgot I was working. Infusing a bit of pink, glitz, and glamour, each image was transformed, ready to captivate audiences on Social Media. The series, set in 1920s Toronto, follows the adventures of Frankie Drake and her partner Trudy Clarke as they run an all-female private detective service. The show blends mystery, intrigue, and a touch of historical flair, making it a joy to create visuals that capture its essence.




EP_SFTA_BLK_HIST_MONT_Guitar_Player _FB (0;00;04;06).jpg

Creating compelling TV channel promos often begins with finding captivating images and then bringing them to life through additional design and animation. One memorable project was the Stand for the Arts campaign for Women's History Month on Ovation TV, America's Premier Arts Network. Ovation TV is renowned for its dedication to the arts, culture, and engaging entertainment, offering a lineup that includes acclaimed dramas, documentaries, and iconic films. The Stand for the Arts initiative, part of Ovation's advocacy platform, celebrates the positive impact of art and encourages action to support the arts. For Women's History Month, Ovation TV showcased women artists and their work through special programming, highlighting their contributions to various artistic mediums. The promo was broadcasted during week-day morning linear programming and featured curated on-demand lineups, engaging viewers with stories of visionary women in the arts. This initiative not only honored the legacy of women in the arts but also underscored Ovation TV's commitment to promoting diverse voices and perspectives in the artistic world.





...but it was essential to showcase my work, leading me to learn the basics of web design. My first website was built in Flash, followed by one in Dreamweaver. With the help of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and limited knowledge of HTML, I embarked on various projects, leveraging my knowledge from creating my own sites. I remember the day I figured out how to add the code for a stretchy site, one that stretches as the browser grows larger or smaller.  Web design also taught me a lot about how files are connected and how one out of place in the filing system can cause some havoc.
These experiences were instrumental in honing graphic design skills and the nuances of showcasing images, stories, and media effectively.

I'm not a web designer.