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     Digitally altering characters and scenes, for a variety of films, tv commercials, and trailers, using animation, color, tracking, painting, retouching, and photo manipulation tools are some of the tools I use that make me a great compositor.  In addition to visual effects, I also have skills in graphic design, retouching, animation, editing, and marketing.

     8 of my industry experience years were at a boutique studio where I learned to be ready for anything.  This included producing beautiful graphics for film titles, creating logos, editing video, working on branding campaigns and websites, as well as, animating 3D characters, coordinating, supervising VFX shoots, marketing and successfully bringing in clients.

     Having graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the focus was on creating animations and video content from start to finish, including even, creating and editing sound.  This involved lots of storyboarding, lighting, stop motion, storytelling, editing, hand-drawn animation, and even sand animation.  Since then, my skills have continued to evolve, as each job has led me to new adventures.     

     I am a well-rounded employee.  I have fun creating, designing, learning new programs, problem-solving and helping businesses thrive. 

     In my spare time, I enjoy writing, painting, ceramics, growing orchids and learning about new ways to improve my health and the health of others.


You Can find me on IMDB and Linkedin

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