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     Embarking on a creative journey that spans major films, television networks, and the dynamic landscape of tech, my expertise in Motion, Design, Compositing and Visual Effects has been a constant thread. A versatile compositor, I navigate digital alterations using animation, color grading, tracking, painting, retouching, and photo manipulation tools. Beyond visual effects, I am well-versed in graphic design, retouching, animation, editing, and marketing—ready to tackle any creative challenge that comes my way.

     Eight years at a boutique studio refined my skills in adaptability. I handled a variety of responsibilities, including crafting compelling graphics, designing logos, illustrating storyboards, and editing studio reels. My contributions spanned diverse projects, from branding campaigns, film titles, and game promos to websites. Additionally, I excelled in animating 3D characters, overseeing VFX shoots, and effectively engaging clients through strategic marketing.

     As a proud graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the focus was on creating animations and video content from start to finish. The curriculum delved into storyboarding, lighting, stop motion, storytelling, hand-drawn animation, sound effects and even the mesmerizing world of sand animation. Since then, my skills have continued to evolve, as each job has led me to new adventures.     

     Eager to continue growing my personal brand, I am deeply invested in learning new skills and embracing fresh challenges.  I am a well-rounded employee.  I have fun creating, designing, learning new programs, problem-solving and helping businesses thrive. 

     In my spare time, I enjoy writing, painting, ceramics, growing orchids and learning about new ways to improve my health, and the health of others.

Try matching the images to the right text!

Ahhh, the good ol' days.  Here I am in H.S., working on a mural.

Selfie in NY.

Snapshot of 18 students proudly displaying their paintings after completing my painting course in Santa Monica.

Orchid photo with my cracked ceiling in Los Angeles as a backdrop.  

Shooting a music video on top of an apartment building in Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Here I am in Boston at House of Blues, in the night club.  I had a lot of jobs in Boston to support myself.  I had a serving job there, and I convinced the manager to let me draw during the shows that weren't full.  Soon, I became a fixture, as people expected to get their souvenir.  This helped me become faster and learn to draw people in low lighting, and even when they're smoking or talking.  (two images)

Volunteering in Boston at the Christian Science Center.  It was supposed to be face painting, however, the children quickly talked me into painting, instead, "tattoos" on their arms.  It was a big hit and children jumped out of other lines to jump in mine. oops!

In this pic, she's requesting a long dragon on her forearm;)

blah blah xxx
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